Wurlitzer 200a

Own the most original, mint, 200a with upgrades for recording

The Classic Wurly 200a Sound

Check out this video to really hear how truly remarkable this Wurlitzer 200a is.  It was a totally mint example that needed minor adjusting to make it better than factory sounding.  In addition, the amplifier was upgraded with the latest and greatest from Vintage Vibe.  The amp now is perfect for recording, with the same original tone and vibrato, but with an incredibly low signal-to-noise ratio.  Say goodbye to hum and hiss while you perfectly capture its amazing tone.

Mint Condition

Fully Restored, Far Better Than Factory Performance

Vintage Vibe Amp For Supreme Recording Quality

Sounds Insanely Good

Wurlitzer 200A Vintage Vibe Amp

From my personal collection, this is a remarkably untouched Wurlitzer 200a in strikingly mint condition.

A desirable model from a late-era of production, this Wurly has all the tone and bite you could want from a vintage instrument. It was serviced extensively over the course of a month to create a far better than factory example.

Reeds were judged on length of decay, and those which typically die out too soon were replaced with new-old-stock Wurlitzer factory reeds that performed better. The instrument now is uniform in its sound.

The amplifier was upgraded with the latest iteration of Vintage Vibe’s amp. Superior in replicating the exact original Wurly tone, it far improves on the poor signal to noise ratio of the originals, making it ideal for recording. It also provides variable speed for the vibrato, as well as a setting to instantly revert to factory vibrato speed when you immediately need that true factory sound.

There is zero corrosion or rust internally on the Wurlitzer. The reeds look brand new, and the metal amplifier rail is almost reflective. The rear factory Wurlitzer logo shines brilliantly and the original faceplate shows only minimal marks.

The action was meticulously serviced. Key height, let off and other adjustments were made to provide a uniform feel when playing. The hammer heads show minimal wear, indicating the piano was not heavily played in its life. It was laboriously tuned in equal temperament within 1 cent.

If you are looking for a high end Wurlitzer that is on a true audiophile level, this is the instrument for you.

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