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If it doesn’t sound this good, we should talk.  Every single piano out there has the potential to be improved upon.  There could be a golden sound laying dormant in your piano just waiting to be unlocked. 

From basic repair services to get it up and running, all the way up to full tear downs and complete restoration, you can take your Fender Rhodes as far as you want to go with it.  

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Fender Rhodes Piano Restoration

The Fender Rhodes piano is a seemingly simple yet deceptively complex instrument to properly restore without professional knowledge and experience. The first step in any servicing or restoration project is the initial assessment of the various parts and tolerances necessary to achieve a high quality instrument.

Retro Rentals & Restorations offers a free comprehensive assessment, covering all major facets of the Rhodes, for any new client proceeding with our recommended repairs. A digital assessment may be possible for those not available in the Southern California region.  Contact us at or 310-926-5799 via text or call to discuss the next steps in your Rhodes journey.

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What we do

Fender Rhodes Assessment

Get a clear understanding of where your Rhodes piano is, and where it can go.  Decide on what you want to do after understanding what’s possible.  Below is a list of many things that will be examined in a Fender Rhodes assessment.


  • Tine performance and length check

  • Pickup replacement and voicing check

  • Tonebar alignment and voicing check

  • Individual note sustain issues

  • Escapement check

  • Strike Line check

  • Tuning check


  • Condition of hammer tips

  • Hammer replacement needs

  • Action weight check

  • Key bushing check

  • Damper felts, arms and bridle straps

  • Key Dip check


  • Suitcase preamp and amplifier health check

  • Suitcase speaker check

  • Stage controls check

  • Grounding check
  • AC plug / cable safety check

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