Vox Continental Combo Organ

Rent the spectacular classic sound in a fully restored example.

Question Mark & The Mysterians

The Vox Continental combo organ holds a place in music unique to its own.  Classic recordings by the Beatles, The Doors, and countless other bands throughout the 1960s and beyond.  This model in particular received a full restoration, as combo organs can often be unstable and unreliable.  Rest easy knowing this organ is optimized to record and play live.  Check out this vintage video of Question Mark & The Mysterians doing their thing.

Mint Condition

Fully Restored, Far Better Than Factory Performance

Rare To Find, Fully Working in All Partials

That Swanky Classic Organ Vibe

Vox Continental Combo Organ

The masterful and mod Vox Continental organ!  The British Invasion masterfully attacked through the use of this 60s centerpiece.  This organ has been completely restored from lid to legs and is an incredible keyboard with a killer sound.

  • Original Vox volume pedal
  • Chrome Z-legs with braces
  • 1/4″ output requires amplification

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