Custom Blue
Wurlitzer 200

Traditional Wurly sound with a variable twist

The Ultimate Wurlitzer 200

Taking a vintage Wurly and going extremely above and beyond the factory construction, this 200 received an extensive restoration and refurbishment.  The amplifier was upgraded with the latest potential technology to offer almost zero noise-to-signal ratio, as well as a variable vibrato.  The benefits of varying the speed is to help match or mismatch the beat of your tracks without the sound getting in the way.  A custom blue sparkle lid offsets its look to make a statement, saying: “This isn’t your typical Wurlitzer.”

Mint Condition

Fully Restored, Far Better Than Factory Performance

Highly Optimized Amp for Recording & Live Events

Sounds Insanely Good

Custom Blue Wurlitzer 200 Piano

Starting with a desirable year of production, this Wurlitzer 200 has been totally revamped with the highest quality amplification available. Perfect EQ curve, super low noise for impeccable recording, and best of all – variable speed vibrato, so you can finally set your own groove. “Groove Setter” takes the Wurlitzer sound to the next level, as well as drawing eyes and ears with a customized blue sparkle lid.

  • Custom low-noise amplifier with variable speed vibrato
  • Volume, vibrato and speed controls
  • Onboard speakers
  • 1/4″ mono line out, mono headphone jack
  • Customized cosmetics
  • Original legs, sustain pedal, removable music rack and bench

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