For Sale:
Rhodes Mark II 88

The cleanest, most original time capsule we have ever seen.

A Mark II Sounds That Good?

Yes.  It just needs an artisan technician who fully understands how to pull the soul out of the piano.  This Rhodes underwent such a long time of perfecting its alignments that the piano sounds exponentially better; so much better than when it rolled off the factory line.  Hear for yourself in this video, playing through both a vintage Fender Twin blackface amp and a Roland JC-120 amp to compare the tonal possibilities.  

10/10 Original Mint Condition

Fully Restored, Far Better Than Factory Performance

Have Never Seen One So New

Sounds Insanely Good

Rhodes Mark II Eighty Eight Stage

Many people don’t understand the true potential of a Mark II Rhodes, usually from years of misinformation. When one is fully regulated by a tech who truly understands a Rhodes, the real latent potential can be unlocked which reveals an instrument that someone can truly connect with.  Years of development from the Fender factory led to the Mark IIs having a fantastic, light and even action which is a joy to play.  Many Mark IIs are also not grossly abused from hard years of touring on the road, where the Rhodes was popularized enough to be viable just for the recording studio or the home.  This is definitely one such example.

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