Custom Rhodes Dyno-My-Piano

Rent this red sparkle, hyper Rhodes synonymous with the 1980’s.

Mint Condition

Fully Restored, Far Better Than Factory Performance

Incredible EQ and Vibrato Potential

1980s Bright And Present Hyper Rhodes

1979 Rhodes Stage Dyno-My-Piano

The Dyno-My-Piano Rhodes became popular for the sound of their brighter preamps that offered versatile filtering and EQ, as well as mechanical improvements to a Rhodes piano. This model features the Tri-Stereo Tremolo unit, which allows great flexibility in the “vibrato” feature of a suitcase Rhodes. Players can select speed and intensity, and also the type of left-to-right panning – from smooth triangle wave to rigid square wave. It offers all the electronics benefits of a Rhodes suitcase piano within the portability of a stage model. This Dyno has been completely restored with red sparkle tolex and is a show stopper on stage!

  • Flat-top conversion for stacking keyboards
  • Copper shielding for reduced interference
  • 1/4″ preamp out for mono amplification, Stereo output through Tri-Stereo Tremolo preamp
  • Variable vibrato speed, intensity, waveform
  • Complete with 4 legs, sustain pedal and rod and cross braces

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