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Rhodes Mark V

Own one of the rarest Rhodes pianos, a culmination of 20 years of Fender Factory knowledge into an ultimate piano.

Spain by Chick Corea

Check out this video to really hear how truly remarkable this Rhodes Mark V piano is (Tap or click “watch on YouTube” if it says unavailable).  It was great fun to take a nearly mint, untouched factory Rhodes and really go overboard to maximize its true potential.  Having been a Rhodes tech for over 20 years now, I’ve invested a lifetime of knowledge and a tremendous amount of time to make this one of the greatest examples of a rare Mark V you’ll find.  You can’t possibly be disappointed.

Mint Condition

Fully Restored, Far Better Than Factory Performance

Only a Few Thousand Made

Sounds Insanely Good

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What we did

Action, Keys, Harp, Voicing, Electronics and more 

The Rhodes Mark V is one of the most highly sought after Rhodes pianos, yet sometimes is misunderstood. In doing the documentary film and book on the Fender Rhodes, we had the opportunity to talk with CBS Fender Rhodes employees – namely Steve Woodyard and Mike Peterson – who were the core people that designed and implemented the Rhodes Mark V production. Many improvements and modifications to the design were made in this “last attempt” at making the best Rhodes piano.

Action and Keys

One of the biggest changes was a redesigned hammer curve, making the Mark V the instrument with the greatest potential for dynamic range – it can bark louder than them all when set up right. The lighter ABS case did reduce weight, a modular stand made set up easier, and a number of smaller improvements were introduced.

  • Removed keys from the case and cleaned the action bed entirely

  • Brushed the key pedestal felts clean and back rail felt

  • Tightened key bushings for guide rail and balance rail pins

  • Meticulously leveled the keys

  • Leveled the hammers, improving an equal hammer throw across the piano

  • Adjusted damper felts for tight note-offs

Harp: Voicing, Position, Tune

This Mark V came from a one-owner home who was not a gigging musician. You can immediately tell that this Rhodes barely saw any use. When I initially purchased it, I spent the next few months pouring myself over this piano, adjusting it time and time again to where the tone was remarkably even, the “bark” was prominent, and aligning everything with an exactness that it should have had from day one.

  • Escapement was correctly set for the instrument

  • The harp strike line was properly located – it wasn’t correct from the factory

  • Multiple voicing passes yielding a uniform tone and dynamic bark

  • Full tuning to equal temperament

  • Pickups are all in fantastic condition with no evidence of corrosion

Hardware Condition

There is no evidence of corrosion anywhere. Everything was meticulously cleaned, from the case lid to the sustain pedal, and the whole rig looks absolutely brand new. There is one blemish on the harp cover towards the right side, and only light marks on the lid and around the instrument consistent with a 37 year old Rhodes.

  • Polished original sustain pedal and original satin chrome Rodgers sustain rod

  • Sustain pedal is super mint: had its original feet and even the Heyco guide bushing for the rod which is almost always missing

  • All 6 butterfly latches on travel lid are working, unbent, and close correctly

  • Original stand still has its 4 locking pins to the underside of the piano

  • All harp cover side clamps are present to secure the lid

The Ultimate Rhodes Piano?

Some call it the ultimate Rhodes, yet some share an experience that it isn’t “all that.” Why? Well, like any other mass-produced piano from a huge factory, each and every piano was different and many of them made it off the production line with a poor set up, being out of alignment, or being manhandled by a hobby repair person over the years that didn’t know what they were doing. People then judge the entire Mark V series based on their single experience, decades later. This is honestly the case for any Rhodes model – Mark I, Mark II or Mark V. Once a Rhodes tech has the opportunity to put in a great amount of time and effort, and knows what to look for specifically on these unique Mark V models, then the result is a truly world-class instrument.

It’s rare to find a complete Rhodes Mark V with original stand, lid, pedal & rod, it’s even rarer to find one in exceptional original condition, and I’m proud to say an ultimate Rhodes where it is set up and serviced by a tech that really knows how to bring the life out of an instrument. This would be a Rhodes you could enjoy for a lifetime.

Included in the sale is a signed copy of the Fender Rhodes documentary book & Blu-Ray film. Shipping quote is for 48 US states using UShip for blanket wrapped, white glove service to your door. Sometimes the cost ends up being higher, so as a courtesy I will absorb any overage of the shipping costs. I’ve shipped many keyboards with varying services over the years, and this is by far the safest and best value for you among any method. Contact me beforehand to get a quote to ship outside of the US. After the sale, I am available via video conference should anything shift during transit, to make sure the piano is in the same shape as when it left my shop.  Thanks for reading and long live the Rhodes.  -Benjamin Bove

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