Fender Rhodes 1979 Suitcase 73

Rent the more mellow, chill tones of this Rhodes Piano.

Rodney Franklin 

Check out the end of this video to hear Rodney Franklin take this Rhodes for a spin.  It was lovingly restored to better than factory condition, but was in such mint condition when it was originally found, that nothing cosmetically was needed.  What’s different about this Rhodes is the mellowness and laid-back feeling you get when you play it: it’s not abrasive nor aggressive, in a good way.  It really imparts a tone to your music when you want to play chords with a chill vibe to them.  

Mint Condition

Fully Restored, Far Better Than Factory Performance

A Great Mellow Vibe

Still Smells Like New

1979 Fender Rhodes Suitcase

Completely stock from a church with minimal play and minimal restoration needed, this time capsule is a perfect choice when you need to smooth the groove out. Wonderfully even and dreamy, pads and chords on this Rhodes are brilliant and present.

  • Completely stock and as-new
  • Volume, treble, bass and vibrato controls
  • 100W amplifier
  • Stereo line-out recording
  • Stereo vibrato
  • Stereo 1/4″ headphone jack
  • 1/4″ accessory jacks

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