Hohner Clavinet Metal D-6

Rent the factory redesigned D-6 with special improvements

The Latest, Greatest Clav

A black metal D-6?  Yes, this is a transitional Clavinet before it was rebranded as the E-7.  It has all the factory upgrades which sought to imrpove on the classic Clavinet sound, including better shielding, quieter amplification, and a more rugged case.  This would be an ideal model for recording or live events to minimize the potential of hum and other unwanted noise, problematic in Clavinets. 

Take a listen to the vintage advertisement from Hohner itself in this video.

Mint Condition

Fully Restored, Far Better Than Factory Performance

Only a Few Thousand Made

Sounds Insanely Good

Hohner Clavinet D6 Black

The grand funk of the Hohner Clavinet! Nothing beats the percussive and funky sound of the D-6 model with 4 selectable pickup presets and EQ control. Available in wood or metal, both D-6 models have the same sound configuration. Put a wah-wah on and get down.

  • 4 pickup selections
  • EQ tab selections
  • 1/4″ output
  • 9v battery or power adapter operation

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