Fender Rhodes Stewart Stage 73

Rent this 1972 Fender Rhodes with a unique Stewart Preamp

Mint Condition

Fully Restored, Far Better Than Factory Performance

Very Rare and Unique Stewart Preamp

Enhanced EQ Over Any Regular Stage Piano

1972 Fender Rhodes Mark 1 Stage

The perfect rendition of a 1972 Fender Rhodes stage piano with a wonderful option – having a well-crafted Stewart Preamp with active treble / bass boost plus filter controls, or the original factory stage controls – you decide. The tone of this ’72 is the epitome of an early Fender Rhodes, and you’ll instantly fall in love.

  • Full restoration
  • Mono Stewart active preamp with treble and bass boost, plus filter control
  • Mono factory stage piano controls
  • Action modification for ideal touch
  • Complete with 4 legs, sustain pedal and rod, cross braces and hard travel lid



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