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There’s nothing like the real thing. Unless it’s junk.

The Fender Rhodes piano, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer electric piano… though digital keyboards come close, many musicians agree that true vintage keyboards cannot be replaced. However, try renting a vintage instrument that performs in its former glory and you’ll be sorely disappointed – they’re often poorly maintained, out of tune and beat-up.

“It’s hard to rent a vintage keyboard on the road, you never know what’s going to show up.” – Jeff Lorber

With the desire and demand to use these classic instruments but few available in high quality condition, one company was inspired to do something about it.

Ben Bove Rhodes

Retro Rentals is an instrument rental house that specializes in exceptional, restored vintage keyboards.  From the private collection of Benjamin Bove of Down The Rhodes: The Fender Rhodes Story, some of the most immaculate pianos, organs, synthesizers and other rare keys are available to the public.

“What’s different with Retro Rentals is that they’re my own personal vintage keyboards – a collection I’ve restored and cared for over many years.  Being a keyboard player myself, I know exactly what sounds and feels incredible, and that’s what I can offer to other musicians – the opportunity to play the best.”

Offering the most diverse line of vintage Fender Rhodes for rent in the nation, musicians can choose exactly which era and type of Rhodes they want.  The same holds true for rare models of the Wurlitzer electric piano, or vintage combo organs – often unavailable anywhere in recording-ready condition.

Wurly Group Shot copy

A fully integrated online reservation system is the first of its kind to provide 24 hour service for orders.  Based in Los Angeles, Retro Rentals ships pianos from southern California to accommodate touring, recording and events outside of the area.

“My hope is for musicians to experience how an amazing instrument can enhance their music, and help to continue the legacy and appreciation of vintage keyboards.”

Visit to experience the collection.


* Down The Rhodes: The Fender Rhodes Story is the documentary film on the Fender Rhodes piano that brings together a large collection of prominent artists to talk about their music and experiences.  Available at and through Hal Leonard Books.

Photo of Herbie Hancock on Retro Rentals keyboard is courtesy of Getty Images and does not imply official artist endorsement.

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